The City of Fossacesia

At the center of the peninsula on the Trabocchi Coast, sits a small city of approximately 6000 inhabitants called Fossacesia. The city occupies a vast territory that extends from the sea, with its city center and seaside structures, to the first hills of the countryside. There on the hillside is the beating heart of Fossacesia, with the commons, commercial center, schools and historic center. The path that leads from the center to the sea is known as the avenue of San Giovanni in Venere. The name comes from the nearby abbey, a church built in the year AD 1000 on the remains of a temple dedicated to Venus. From here there is a view of the gulf, an area rich in activity and nature. In the distance, the Trabocchi are in view‒ancient fishing structures jutting out of the water, now converted to exclusive restaurants where the Italian culinary tradition meets the sea.


There are many areas to stay in Fossacesia, ranging from campsites to beautiful hotels. During our program and the activities that we will carry out, we provide the students with apartments where they can rest and relax, but also enjoy a more personal connection with the city where they can properly immerse themselves in the language and culture.


Arriving in Fossacesia is simple. The city has a train station by the seaside (Stazione F.S. Fossacesia-Torino di Sangro) which has a direct connection to the Airport of Abruzzo in nearby Pescara. Also easily accessible by way of the airports Fiumicino (Rome) and Linate (Milan). Once arrived in Fossacesia, the locations are nearby and easily reached on foot, but bicycles will also be provided to get around. In case of further travel during the program, travel arrangements will be organized by our team.


To Do in Fossacesia

All types of cuisine are found along the shoreline, but highly recommended are the regional specialties, consisting of fresh seafood and the best wines of the region. Not to be missed is aperitivo hour on the coast or the cocktail bars for a pleasant way to spend the evening, with many locales offering live music ranging from calm piano bars to clubs for dancing. By day there are beautiful trails through the countryside where one can explore the local nature, and seaside biking trails that run the length of the beach.